I’m thankful for the fog in my life. Sometimes (ok, a LOT of times) I get in the way of what God has in store for me. I block my own blessings. I get caught up in a moment instead of remaining constant and I lose sight of eucharisteo. God steps in and fogs up my vision. It allows me to use my other senses, surpassing what my eyes alone are capable of processing. Fog enables my heart to hear His voice and to feel His presence. A single beam of light piercing through the thick murkiness can be fractured to such a finite degree that all you are able to make out is illumination in thick batches like cotton candy. I am thanks-filled for less of me and more of Christ. ‘Tis the season y’all. I drove through fog tonight on the way home after a fabulous soul-charging evening with my chick pack. I stayed on course. Drove straight through that fog. Only because of the light piercing through was I able to come out on the other side safe and sound.

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