Life Impact


I try to live my life without regret, because I know that God’s grace covers a multitude of things that I could never forgive myself for and so I look at life with a perspective that never includes self-mutilation. I do however have one regret. I regret not listening to God, when I knew that it was Him telling me very clearly to do something and giving me an opportunity to love on someone when I had the chance to. That, I do regret. And now I don’t have the chance. I don’t have the chance to thank this person for the impact that they’ve had on my life. They’ve gone to be with Him.

Look at the account of Jonah and how God knew His will and plan for his life and Jonah was like “Meh. Not so much Lord, I think I’m gonna go hang out with these guys on this boat and take a nap instead.” It took literally being swallowed up by a sea creature and then dumped on the beach somewhere, after being vomited up did he finally say “Ok God. I gotcha. I’m listening.” How many times in our lives are we guilty of not listening or not following or saying “Maybe later” to not follow Him when we know clearly what His instruction is? Ouch.

If only I could hold that sweet hand one more time and smile into those eyes. I’m thankful for the example of the conviction I saw walked out daily and as a child being unaware of the significance of mentors, I see now what works through faith look like. Being a follower and a lover of Jesus and His salvation is something to be admired.


Jonah 2:9 But as for me, I will sacrifice to You with the voice of thanksgiving; I will pay that which I have vowed. Salvation and deliverance belong to the Lord!

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