Milk + M&Ms

I’ve just had one of those days where I’m trying to get out the door, in a hurry. Isn’t that every day? Yesterday we spent the day at home because the day before we had been out and about running errands all day. We did so much running around that my reserve light came on, and I was going to ask Bestie to fill my tank… but I forgot. No surprise there. On my way to a meeting, and I’m late, with the kids. Always a fun combination. We live far enough out that there are cows and there’s not a gas station really close down the main strip, a good several miles out. I’m on my way into town down this strip when I glance at my dash and see that my reserve light is still on. Oh good googly moogly! I had completely forgotten that it had been “On” the entire way home the previous day. It occurred to me that I was probably running on fumes at this point and more than likely didn’t have but a couple more miles before I’d be pushing my car down the road. I was completely stressed out. Definitely having one of my less-than-perfect moments. Snapping and glaring beady eyed laser beams at my Littles, we finally got to the closest gas station. I started the pump, grabbed the boys, and ran in to the convenience store to grab a sad little attempt at lunch: chocolate milk, Cheezits, gummy worms, peanut butter crackers, M&Ms, and the only healthy option they had in stock – one lonely banana. It would have to do.

Back in the car, everybody buckled. About 15 minutes late, flying down the road when I hear this strange sound coming from the back seat. I looked over at the built-in child view mirror and then, out of nowhere it happened… “God, please!!! PLEASE!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Why?!?!?!?!” In all fairness, he had given me the warning sounds, but I glanced back just in time to see G-Moose puke chocolate milk out (and through his nose I might add) all over the back seat of my car.

At that very moment the bag of M&Ms that I bought for myself (because I’m a lush and I don’t like to share my chocolate) spilled out like marbles down a flight of stairs underneath the two front seats. Awesome. There goes Mommy’s lunch.

Way too many things happen in my life while driving my car, I wonder if that’s a sign?

We came up to a red light and I grabbed a wad of drive-thru napkins out of the glove box and sadly attempted to blot up the curdling pools of milk. I wiped his clothes and seatbelt off as best I could, but the smell had already taken over. Trying to be ‘Cheerleader Mommy’ I pepped up and said “See?! Good as new! Good as new! Everything is going to be wonderful now! No big deal!”

It’s eighty-eight degrees. The M&Ms will surely melt. I do not have time to pick them up. The stench of sourness is now making my eyes water. I’m late for my meeting. Perfect start to a perfect day.

I turned the volume up on my radio because honestly, I had lost all hope and needed a sense of renewal… The first lyrics that blast at level 28 through my speakers? “My heart will choose to say ‘blessed be Your name.’” Really? REALLY?!

It’s a choice. Every day, it’s a choice. Attitude check. I will deal with the M&Ms later.

I’m sure eventually I’ll look back on this day and laugh.

Bloom where you are planted, even in stinky filthy cars of puking kids and soured chocolate milk.


Daniel 2:20-21 “Praise be to the name of God for ever and ever; wisdom and power are His. He changes times and seasons; He deposes kings and raises up others. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning.”

Just in case you were interested in listening to that jam with me:

4 responses to “Milk + M&Ms

  1. This made me cry for you, and gag for you- and laugh, just a little! 😉 Love you!


  2. Oh girl, I’ve had that day! Thank you for sharing your stories and encouragement. I pray your little one is feeling better and that it doesn’t spread!


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